Fantasy · Mystery · NA series · New Adult · Paranormal Romance · Romance

Sapphires and Desires by Tarisa Marie


Laytah Woods appears to be your average young woman. That is until she finds herself hurling off a bridge in a car to her death. But instead of waking up in heaven or in a coffin, she finds herself in a cave in the middle of a forest that seems far too exotic to be anywhere near Philadelphia.

She soon discovers that she is not alone here. That a mysterious, attractive man seems to also be lurking in this cave, and he claims to have all the answers she seeks. He tells her of a past she once had in another world, his world, that she’s the reincarnation of a princess who’s family once ruled a large part of a mystical land called Andaglon where Nymphs, Brownies, Vampires, and Witches amongst many other fae forms roam. But not all the stories he tells her are parts from a fairy tale.

He tells her of how her entire bloodline no longer exists because of her psychotic, power hungry uncle and how she is the only one that can stop him. Soon she is racing against time to put the pieces together and find out who was so she can find out who she is. But when things this man tells her stop adding up, she must decide whether or not she can trust the only person she thought she could, or if she must trust a complete stranger who has such a bad rep in the fae world that he’s been exiled but is rumoured to be her soul mate. To top it all off, her cousin and best friend, Geoff, has been bitten by one of the fae and he’s completely MIA.

Photo by Angel Natalie
Photo by Angel Natalie


So, let’s just say that this book is awesome in some ways like the character definition. The book gave me enough reasons to keep my curiosity to it’s sequels checked. It’s aura has a similarity to Alyson Noel’s Shadowland. So if you loved Shadowland, you might as well love this!

Photo by Angel Natalie
Photo by Angel Natalie

The novel is fast-paced. However, I ached for more action and hopefully, in its upcoming sequels, the thrill will be leveled up because we love fast-paced, action-packed fantasy series, don’t we? We expect to be zoned-in to the story, right? We expect to experience the “epicness”, the magic and again, the action.

Overall, it was entertaining, enjoyable, awesome and romantic. Have I mentioned it involves love triangle? —Angel Mars

I like the story. Straightforward. Recommended for people who doesn’t like stories that run in circles.

The story will be better in the sequel. The improvement is foreseeable. —Angel Rias

Rate: 3.5/5


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