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Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven


Meet Cassandra Taylor, a typical goody two shoes girl that lives in a small town. Taking her chances in life, she auditioned to the most prestigious performing arts school that everyone would die to get in – The Grove.

Another protagonist, Ethan Holt. A moody and tormented boy not to mention his good looks is trying to be accepted to The Grove. For three consecutive years he’s been trying to get in to The Grove and finally he did it.

Cassie and Ethan have that chemistry everybody else wants to have. Unfortunately Ethan has no interest especially when it comes to the L word which is LOVE. But Romeo and Juliet, the greatest love story of all time changed it all.

They may have loved each other but just like Romeo, he was destined to break Juliet’s heart. In Ethan’s case he broke Cassie’s heart not just once—but twice.

After three years they meet again for the very same role and story. Performing the role of the lead characters Romeo and Juliet. Memories and feelings came back to life again as soon as they lay eyes on each other again. Ethan’s biggest regret in life was leaving her. So he came back to win Cassie’s heart again. While Cassie vowing to her self that she can still look at the man that broke her heart without breaking down. But can Cassie still hold back the feelings that never went away? Can Ethan finally win her heart and prove to her that its worth the try again?

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All hands up for the author Leisa Rayven! Actually, I’ve read Broken Juliet first  but stopped after knowing it’s a sequel. I can say that I like Bad Romeo more than Broken Juliet. When I started reading it, I’ve been hooked up to Cassie and Ethan’s story during their college days.

All throughout my read, I have many favorite lines that resulted to many high lighted parts! I really love their lines—can’t blame me for that. If I had the real book, it would have many tabs. The connection’s intense that much.

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I can say that Ethan really strives hard to win Cassie’s heart back again after breaking it. But hey, that wasn’t easy even if there was a previous connection. Two chances are enough, but a third one?

In this story I felt a roller coaster of feelings—love for the both of them; anger towards Ethan; sadness because I know how it feels to be left by the person you loved the most. As Fitzgerald said, “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” I almost believed that quote because hey, I and my partner had 2 breakups. *sniff sniff*

Bad Romeo changed my view about love. No matter how many times you were far from each other, if you’re really meant to be together, love will find a way. In my case, I’m the one who tried to figure things out to win his heart again—just like Ethan. I just wish I had his strength, too.

This book has its own charisma about second chance romances, so I really recommend it.

After this review, the sequel BROKEN JULIET  will be up next, so stay tuned! Thoughts for this review? comments or suggestions? Feel free to comment down below or email us! We’d love to hear from you.

Rate: 5/5

—Angel Rias


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