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My So Called Life by J.D. Hollyfield


Life couldn’t be any brighter for art dealer Christina Daniels. At the top of her career, she has no problem flaunting just how perfect her little world has become.

When tragedy strikes back home, Christina is forced to put everything on hold to return back to a past she’s tried so hard to escape. Including a love she regrets letting go.

Ian Whitman has only one regret and it was letting his first love walk out of his life. Now that she’s returned, his heart won’t give her up twice without a fight.

As secrets are revealed, can Ian soothe her heart while convincing her that a place she tried so hard to run away from is the place she’s destined to stay?

Will love get a second chance in the face of tragedy?

Photo by Angel Natalie


Photo by Angel Natalie

Times come when we thought we want things more. Like maybe a new shoes or a fabulous dress for a party. Most often is when we want a new life. A life we call a fresh start. Learn from the past, move on, and be better. But it’s never easy when what you’re moving from was a nightmare.

The series Love Not Included’s third novel brought me to a time where success isn’t the happily ever after. It showed me that career, fame, and a handsome boyfriend aren’t the things that will make me happy.

I like the humor that the characters made through out the story. I specifically liked Lexi—I’m feeling like her minus the sexy parts. They have distinct characteristics that befit the setting and flow of the story.

The twists and turns (and the hot sex!) are mind blowing! Just when you thought it’s gonna be “And they lived happily ever after. The end”, a new conflict arises before you can say Tutankhamun!

Rate: 5/5

— Angel Natalie


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