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Broken Juliet by Leisa Rayven


After three years their paths crossed again. The Broadway is their meeting grounds again and they’re playing the role of Romeo and Juliet for the second time.

Cassie spent three years building walls around her so she won’t be hurt again like before. Trained herself to hate him even more and learned to live half alive because he took a part of her when he slipped away. On the other side, Ethan is now back to win and fix his lover’s heart and prove to her that he changed for good. Being able to say the things that she needs to hear before is one of his proofs that he really loves her.

But can he win Cassie’s heart again? He failed her two times and now he wants a chance. Can it make a difference this time despite of those broken promises he made before?

Photo courtesy of @bookromances on Instagram


Photo courtesy of @emtem.reads on Instagram

Broken Juliet starts where Bad Romeo left off and is the second and final book of Starcrossed Series. Basically this book is written like Bad Romeo, the present and past unfolding to us in a perfect blend. You can understand why things like this happens in the present because the story about the past is there to accompany you. The feelings are more intense that Bad Romeo. The tension of holding back is felt intensely because of Cassie and the feeling of hope and determination to win a person’s heart again radiated within Ethan.

The POV of each character feels so real. Like you can really connect with them like how they connect on the characters they portray during their drama performances.

This series is the best contemporary romance I’ve ever read. I felt every feeling they had: fear; determination; never ending love; and the strong connection that can’t be denied. Aside from the hot scenes, everything was so real it made me think that the whole story is based on real life.

I was able to experience some realities of life that I’ve never seen through Cassie and Ethan—that’s why I love them so much!

So if you want some Contemporary Romance that has a unique twist and a taste of reality (I mean it) you should go and dive to Cassie and Ethan’s world. I have the confidence to say that you will love them as much as I do.

Rating: 5/5

—Angel Rias


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