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Book Review: The Allure of Julian Lefray by R.S. Grey

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An Arc was provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review



So this is my first-ever ARC review and I’m so excited for you guys to read this book too. WHY? Because the book was written by one of my favorite authors, R.S. Grey. I’ve read all of her books except “The Design”, but don’t worry, I’ll read it too after I post this review. When I received the arc I was jumping up and down because of my excitement and so I don’t have a choice but to read it on the spot.


But let’s go back to the real topic. First, I want to introduce you JOSEPHINE KELLER and JULIAN LEFRAY


Josephine Keller, also known as Jo, is a yet-to-be-famous Fashion Blogger. She went from a small town of Texas to New York City just to pursue her dreams in the fashion industry. Unlike the other fashonistas, Jo is broke since she still have a student loan and monthly rent to pay. So, she applied for the executive assistant position in Lorena Lefray Designs.

Julian Lefray went to New York because he needs to support his sister Lorena (HA! You smell something fishy too?) who’s inside the rehab. Now, Julian will be the one to handle her sister’s business. And so it begins… fate will lead them to each other. YIEEEEH!

I don’t want to spoil you guys by telling the whole story (Sometimes I’m a big spoiler) but I invite you to pre-order it now so you can experience the happiness, giddiness and awesomeness of this book.

OKAY! Let’s continue…

If you’re sick of heavy drama novels, this book is a good breather. It is a light read. It is funny. It is crazy… and whatsover. I promise that if you did liked R.S. Grey’s previous novels, this one will be liked too. I’ve loved the relationship growing between them, from friends to lovers. And just so you know, seeing them together will make your heart pitter-patter. Don’t take it wrong, the instant attraction is present too but because of their boss-employee situation, they have to fight it even though you will want to bang their heads together so they’ll just happen.


Like any other stories, they have personal problems too. KEEP CALM and BREATHE! It’s not that heavy. Just go with the flow. I want to be friends with Josephine because she’s out-going, hard-working and realistic. I want to have a Julian in my life because he’s sweet, true to himself and very loyal.


That quote ABOVE? I was so captivated that time and my heart’s beating so loud that I can hear it screaming “PLEASE!”. SIGH… swoon!


All in all, I’m going to give this 5-alluring-stars. I really liked the story, the anticipation, the growth and other things about this book.

I’m done. I hope my review did convinced you to pre-order this. Forgive me if this is kind of amateur.

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