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Love Always, Kate by D. Nichole King


Dear Diary,
Leukemia’s been my life since I was eleven. Now, six years later, I want my life back. Only I’m not sure what that is. The test results came back today. 22,000. Which means I’m officially out of remission—again. I have three options:

1) Another round of chemo.
2) A super-new experimental drug.
3) Dump it all— forget the meds and treatments and enjoy the time I have left.

I think I know what I want. Then, in walks Damian, changing everything.

I mean, everything…

He’s got his own set of issues. It binds us together, you know? We understand what it’s like to lose what matters most in seconds. Still, the last thing I need is to have someone else to crush if I can’t fight hard enough. And the last thing he needs is someone else to grieve.

Never mind. I’m down to two options now.

Somehow I know that whichever one I choose, the result will be the same. With the sand in my hourglass seeping to the bottom, I hope there’s enough left to show Damian that life’s worth living.

Worth fighting for. Worth dying for.

Love Always,



I knew I was hooked the moment I finished the first sentence!

This book is a must read. I love the cover and the title. The story line is very interesting that it kept me up all night.

It also taught me that I should live my life the way I’d be happy. NO HOLDING BACK. That’s what the dead would want me to do.

It made me shed a tear in public and wallow between isles in the library. This book killed a piece of my heart.

The author has a unique style of creating a new round of FEELS that made me feel like I’m in a roller coaster. One moment I was giggling and all of a sudden I’m cursing the universe for giving me a plot twist of a lifetime.

This is the 3rd book that ever made me cry.

Rate: 5/5

—Angel Natalie


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