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Haven by A.R. Ivanovich


From missing socks to missing people, nothing could remain hidden from seventeen year-old Ka28227484telyn Kestrel for long, but after locating a forbidden passage out of her isolated country, Haven, she discovers for the first time that there are some things that should never be found. Outside the safety of her homeland’s borders, Katelyn meets Rune, a young soldier who will die without her immediate aid. She never considered that helping him would lead to her capture. While being held prisoner by the handsome Lord Dylan Axton, she learns that the outside world is rife with war and controlled by people with extraordinary powers. It becomes clear that there was a very good reason the founders of Haven locked their people away from the rest of the world. The depth of her peril reaches a fever pitch when a ruthless Commander wants Katelyn dead. Her only hope is to return to Haven, but can she survive long enough to find her home?

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Praise for the book’s new cover! It suited the world and adventure author A.R. Ivanovich created.

The plot is very original and the adventure a swirl of excitement. I just hope that Katelyn be braver in her quest. The love interest is… I’m not spoiling anything so just jump into this world and let’s fangirl/fanboy together!

Rate: 4/5

—Angel Natalie

Amazon • Nook • Kobo • iBooks • Book Depository • Goodreads


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