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F*cking Awkward Holidays RELEASE BLITZ

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A Special Foreword written by USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara Sivec’s dog, Fat Ralph!

Contemporary · Contemporary Romance · NA contemporary · NA romance · New Adult · Romance

Lumbersexual by Leslie McAdam RELEASE BLITZ

How do you know whether you can trust someone?

Will Court be able to coax Maggie into trusting him that he’s for real? Or after the summer of s’mores and skinny dipping, will he let her down like everybody else?

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Weightless by Kandi Steiner RELEASE BLITZ

He stole my innocence. He scarred my heart. He took everything I thought I knew about my life and fast-pitched it out the window, shattering the glass that held my world together in the process.

I remember the lights.

The passionate, desperate, hot strikes of red. The harsh, cruel, icy bolts of blue.

They symbolized everything I endured that summer.

And everything I would never face again.

Contemporary · Contemporary Romance · Humor · NA contemporary · NA romance · New Adult · Romance

Smut by Karina Halle RELEASE BLITZ

What happens when the kink between the pages leads to heat between the sheets?

But even as they start to fall hard for each other, will their burgeoning relationship survive if their scandalous secret is exposed or are happily-ever-afters just a work of fiction?

Contemporary · Contemporary Romance · Romance

Shameless by Lex Martin RELEASE BLITZ & GIVEAWAY

What the hell do I know about raising a baby? Nothing. Not a goddamn thing.
Yet here I am, the sole guardian of my niece. I’d be lost if it weren’t for Katherine, the beautiful girl who seems to have all the answers. Katherine, who’s slowly finding her way into my cynical heart.

I keep reminding myself that I can’t fall for someone when we don’t have a future. But telling myself this lie and believing it are two different things.

When Brady shows up on a Harley, looking like an avenging angel—six feet, three inches of chiseled muscle, eyes the color of wild sage, and sun-kissed skin emblazoned with tattoos—I’m not sure if I should fall at his feet or run like hell. Because if I tell him what happened the night his family died, he might hate me.
What I don’t count on are the nights we spend together trying to forget the heartache that brought us here. I promise him it won’t mean anything, that I won’t fall in love.

I shouldn’t make promises I can’t keep.

Adventure · Fantasy · YA series · Young Adult

Elementals: The Head of Medusa by Michelle Madow Cover & Blurb Reveal and GIVEAWAY


Follow the Elementals as they journey to the end of the world, unsure of who to trust, and facing choices that will put their lives and the entire world at risk. Will they all survive the mission? And if they don’t, will the ones who do beable to find the strength to continue?

Find out in the riveting third book in the Elementals series, The Head of Medusa.

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Palm South University: Season Two Episode Five by Kandi Steiner RELEASE BLITZ

Welcome to Palm South University.

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up in South Florida. At a school where fraternities and sororities don’t exactly play by the rules, relationships are bound to be tested. Parties and sex are definitely key ingredients in the Palm South recipe, but what happens when family issues, secret lives, and unrequited love get tossed in the mix?